STAND Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (October 2021)

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Salty Dog's STAND Podcast, October 2021 Visit: STAND up for all the great blues and roots music coming your way. Fabulous cuts from Sonny Green, Josh Cheyenne, Charlie Parr, Raphael Wressning and Igor Prado, Beck Warren, Chris Whitely, Drive By Truckers, Christine Ingam, Joe Bonamassa, Los Lobos, John Hiatt, Kieran Kane and Rayne Gellert, Keith Jarret, Marian McPartland and Steely Dan, The Black Sorrows, Jeff Land and Friends, Walter Daniels and Guadalupa Plata, Teddy Morgan, Andrea Marr, Duke Robillard, Taj Mahal, AJ Fullerton, Jackson Browne. ----------- ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM ** Australia 1. Sonny Green / Trouble / Found! One Soul Singer 2. ** Josh Cheyenne / Sugar Coated Love / Natural Blues 3. Charlie Parr / On Fading Away / Last Of The Better Days Ahead 4. Raphael Wressnig N Igor Prado / Turnip Greens / The Soul Connection 5. Becky Warren / Dabbs Avenue / Undesirable 6. Chris Whitley / Breaking Your Fall / Hotel Vast Horizon 7. Drive By Truckers / Easy On Yourself / Live at Plan 9 July 13, 2006 8. Christone Kingfish Ingram / Something In The Dirt / 662 9. Joe Bonamassa / Long Distance Blues / Blues Deluxe 10. Los Lobos / Farmer John / Native Sons 11. John Hiatt / Dust Down A Country Road / Walk On 12. Kieran Kane N Rayne Gellert / Who Knows / When The Sun Goes Down 13. Keith Jarret, Jan Garbarek, Palle Danielsson / Long As You Know You're Living / Belonging 14. Marian McPartland, Steely Dan / Chain Lightning / Marian McPartland's Jazz Piano Radio 15. ** The Black Sorrows / Only Got Yourself To Blame / Saint Georges Road 16. ** Jeff Lang and Friends / Un-Natural Act / Live at FRL 2006 17. Walter Daniels N Guadalupe Plata / Married Woman / Satan 18. Teddy Morgan / Dear Ted Letter / Ridin In Style 19. ** Andrea Marr / Force of Nature / Natural 20. Duke Robillard / No Time / Blues Bash 21. Taj Mahal / Stagger Lee / Labor of Love 22. AJ Fullerton / Remind Me Who I Am Again / The Forgiver and the Runaway 23. Jackson Browne / Sergio Leone / The Naked Ride Home

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