Saturday Morning Coffee for Saturday, May 8, 2021

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Welcome to Saturday Morning Coffee for May 8, 2021! After a brief hiatus, the podcast is back! Reese and Glenn are back in the studio for another fresh brew of Saturday Morning Coffee. Reese and Glenn discuss the events of the week, including a Chinese rocket booster that is the size of a five-story building that is set to crash back to Earth on Sunday. Reese and Glenn offer a Mother's Day reminder for our listeners and we discuss the interesting history of this very special holiday.

Reese notes some of the more bizarre news of the week, including a school shooting by a 6th grade student in Idaho, which thankfully resulted in now fatalities, and a school bus hijacking outside Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC, that thankfully also resulted in no serious injuries. Reese discusses a rather startling report published in Rolling Stone magazine this week that chronicles no less than 44 fatalities that are either suspicious, or confirmed homicide or suicide, at Fort Bragg, identified in a recent investigation by the magazine.

We give an Election Integrity update and discuss ongoing efforts in Arizona (Maricopa County) and Michigan to get to the bottom of what happened in the November 2020 election.

Paul Gable joins us on the program to discuss a rather bizarre Horry County Council meeting that was adjourned suddenly on Tuesday evening, half-way through the published agenda, apparently as a result of one Council member's request that certain information, which is clearly public information, related to how much the County spends on legal fees, in an effort to prevent that discussion from taking place.

Tom Herron ("Up With America") also joins us on the program to discuss the recent schism within the S.C. GOP, and Lin Wood's campaign to unseat incumbent Drew McKissick as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Be well and have a great week, and join us next saturday for more Saturday Morning Coffee! Wherever you are, you can stream us live at

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