Better Call Saul - Nippy - Season Six Episode Ten (Saul Over Soon SPOILER Discussion)

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Welcome to Saul Over Soon, a podcast covering the epic AMC television show 'Better Call Saul'. Join your hosts Jamie G and Magnum Mills as they break down the final season and see just who else might show up, from the "Breaking Bad" universe.
Be warned, we WILL be spoiling all episodes of 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul'. And 'El Camino' as well.
We're here to break down Episode Ten of Season Six "Nippy", the third episode of Season Six Part Two.
There is a ton of excellent "Saul" and "Breaking Bad' coverage out there. We're glad that you've taken the time to check us out. Thank you, we really appreciate it. Just know that while we are big fans of "Saul" and the "Breaking Bad Universe", we're going to try to keep things a bit light and have some fun as we take in this final season.
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Thanks for checking us out and we'll be back soon to cover Season Six Episode Eleven.

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