66 - Moving Offices

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Thanks for tuning into the Scale Your Small Business Podcast with your host, Jillian Flodstrom. Today, we’re talking about moving offices. This transition can be overwhelming, and it always seems like an endless task that somehow gets crammed into a short period of time. This week we’re breaking down some tips that can help you calm the chaos.

First, before you even begin your move, collect your favorite things. These are your everyday use items–your notebooks, planners, pens–anything essential you need to run your businesses. This way, you know the things that matter are already taken care of.

Another tip is grouping and packing all the things you know for sure you won’t be using during the move. Here’s the second part: label everything with where it goes. Consider numbering the boxes and keeping a master list to refer back to once you make your move.

Once everything is categorized, change your address. Make sure you do this soon enough to give yourself time to transition. By getting ahead, you leave yourself room to move from one place to another. The sooner the better.

Get ahold of movers early, and share your moving schedule with everyone involved. This includes your team, the movers, and your landlord.

Create a checklist of every single item you’re bringing with you. This is a super simple way to ensure nothing is slipping through the cracks without taking up space in your brain.

Don’t be afraid to purge! This is a great moment to clear out any unnecessary items that you don’t need to bring with you. Encourage your team to do the same!

Have some fun! Check out new decor that you’d like to have in your new office!

Once you’re ready to go, double-check to ensure all your drawers, cabinets, and lockers are empty.

Make sure you have some snacks at hand. Moving is stressful, tiring, and can work up quite the appetite. You don’t want to be hangry while you move!

Bring extra extension cords! You never know how many plug-ins you’ll need.

Finally, give yourself more time than you think you need.

Key Takeaways

  1. Before you get started moving, collect your favorite things and organize all the things you know you won’t need during the move.
  2. Label, label, label. Create a master checklist of every item and where it goes so it doesn’t take up space in your head.
  3. Give yourself more time than you need! Moving comes with it’s own set of potential twists and turns. Allow yourself to have a buffer.

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