The War on Your Wealth: Interview With Author E.B. Tucker (Bonus Episode)

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What is the government doing to your money? And how can you protect yourself? These are key questions facing every American today. In this bonus episode interview, Friday Gold Wrap Podcast host Mike Maharrey tries to dig out some answers with investment veteran and author E.B. Tucker. Tucker is the author of "Why Gold? Why Now? The War Against Your Wealth and How to Win It." As the title suggests, the book about investing in gold. But it's really about far more than that. It explains how government actors and central bankers are destroying your wealth through intentional policies that warp the economy and devalue your money. But as Tucker explains in the book, once we understand the problem, we can take steps to protect our wealth. In this interview, Mike and E.B. talk about the current state of the economy with a focus on dollar devaluation, inflation, and the power of gold as an investment to help win the war against your wealth. We also discuss gold royalty companies and how they fit into the broader gold market.

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