9. Who Controls Our Children?

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The Essential School Sucks, #9 of 50

Theme One: The Real Problems With Public School

This final show - thoroughly remastered - about the problems of K-12 public schooling, is primarily focused on the recent dark history, Outcome-Based Education, how it was applied to the children of the 90s, and how it has been "perfected" since then.

Original Notes: Today's show is a followup to the previous conversation with Dave Smith - a deeper level of exploration of the history of school, covering a longer period of time, and showing the progression of control over the public mind.

(Edited Audio from Brett on Free Man Beyond the Wall)
Pete's question: what you believe is the biggest conspiracy behind turning the schools into the indoctrination centers they are today?

It's hard to pick just one.



  • Mandatory public education in America began as part of a quest for a perfect society with the Puritans in Massachusetts who were seeking a religious utopia
  • Prussian system replaces the predictability of slavery in a labor force, and to standardize immigrants to that predictability - social and industrial harmony
  • The dramatic shift from family and community-based approach to an industrial, collectivist approach - there's no going back
  • This quest was soon taken up by Progressives and democratic socialists who were seeking a secular utopia

"So a precedent is set, collectivism is ratcheted up at every stage
and with every turn of the screw, the system becomes more accepted. It become harder and harder to imagine society without it and all that it does becomes...fine, and once it's fine it becomes invisible."


  • Louis Alber, head of National Recovery Act New York 1933: “Russia and Germany are attempting to compel a new order by means typical of their nationalism – compulsion. The United States will do it by moral (per)suasion. Of course we expect some opposition, but the principles of the New Deal must be carried to the youth of the nation. We expect to accomplish by education what dictators in Europe are seeking to do by compulsion and force.”
  • Teacher training (1967-1974)run by a nexus private foundations, academia, corporations, think tanks and govt agencies, coordinated through the US Office of Education (three examples below)
  • Designing Education for the Future, by Education Department says education is a means to achieve economic and social goals of a national character
  • Behavior Science Teacher Education Project (1968 Michigan State University) predicts "chemical experimentation" on children?
  • Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives as "a tool to classify the ways that individuals are to act , think or feel as the result of some unit of instruction"


  • Outcomes-Based Education and the remediation of improper thoughts
  • Peg Luksik "Who Controls Our Children"
  • student profiling and data-sharing
  • The Dark Side Of Nationwide School Tests By B.K. Eakman: "if behavior-modification curricula can be brought into the classroom as legitimate learning material; if teachers, or even bona fide mental-health workers, can use the schools to "treat" youngsters for real or imagined psychological problems - then are schools really educational institutions or day-care clinics?"

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Originally Released February 12, 2020 As "[PODCAST #642] With Every Turn of the Screw…"

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