Alien/Xenomorph (Alien Franchise) by Next Door Villain

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We discuss Alien aka Xenomorph from Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986); we reference Prometheus (2012) a tad. We try to relate to, understand, and empathize with Alien from our perspective and get creepy! We talk: cats, a mother's rage, placing human-like emotions onto beings like Alien, and much more. Can Alien have human emotions? Should Alien be considered an animal like those on Earth? Uhhhh we get into some weird discussion.
In this episode, we feature a hard-hitting poem written from the perspective of Alien and Echidna from Greek Mythology and written by Levi Stallings. Levi Stallings is a writer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker based in Northern Arizona.
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0:00 - 0:14: Excerpt movie intro
0:14 - 0:45: Intro
0:45 - 33:20: Discussion
33:20 - 36:48: Poem from Alien's perspective ]]>

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