Episode 008 - How We Financially Survive as Young Cruisers

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Seas Life sits down with other millennial cruisers in various stages of making the sailing life happen. First, the husband-wife sailing team of Unforgettable (Diego & Georgia) talk about how they've been sailing for 3.5 years! Second, we talk with the husband-wife team (Camila & Jurri) currently living in Curaçao planning to purchase a sailboat and travel. And third, we speak with Lucas, a 26-year-old sailor who is currently crewing on boats for experience. We share our monthly budgets and talk about how we chose a date to sail away! To follow Seas Life on Instagram: @seaslifeforgood (and follow our YouTube!) To follow Unforgettable on Instagram: @veleiro_unforgettable(Also follow their YouTube!)

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