S5 Ep. 8: Homeless in Seattle, pt 8

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As every one of us faces challenges of varying degrees of scale, today’s episode features an inspiring story about how one man can make a world of difference. Dale Hoff offers lessons not only for those seeking improvement in the homelessness crisis, but those seeking to influence change at any level. Today also features an in-depth interview with a person who has had a significant impact on the economic growth of this city, Craig Kinzer. In today’s episode, Kinzer previews a big idea that he thinks can fundamentally transform how housing gets built for average workers in Seattle. The extended conversation with Mr. Kinzer also touches upon the controversial public subsidy for the ballpark that is home to Seattle’s Major League Baseball team. The interview gives you insight into important decisions facing regional government. Combined, these two interviews represent two of the many examples of Seattle residents who think creatively about how to tackle challenges. They also offer insight into the process of finding where your unique skill set can be applied to make a difference.

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