S6 Ep2: Finding Community w/ Women in Product and Artist Home

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Continue the exploration of finding community in a dynamic city. Today’s episode features Farah Abdallah, a lead product manager at eBay who co-founded Seattle’s chapter of Women in Product. Abdallah shares how she collaborated with Claire Fang of Facebook to bring together hundreds of women in Seattle who are building products for some of the world’s most innovative companies. The episode also features Kevin Sur, founder of Artist Home. Sur discusses why and how he created a collaborative community for artists and launched highly popular music festivals such as Timber! Outdoor Music Festival, which is bringing together emerging artists for the seventh year in a row in July. Sur shares how his desire to help people and build community evolved into a successful business. If you are looking for a community that’s right for you, you just might find it in today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast. If you are looking to build your own community, you will hear lessons of how to start and nurture a group.

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