SeaWorld Splash Podcast Episode 26

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In this episode of the seaworld splash podcast Joseph and sheldon talk about electric eel being open at seaworld san diego, touch the sky seaworld orlando's new night time dolphin show for electric ocean, the southern white rhino pregnancy, and much more, so lets put on those ponchos and get ready to be drenched.
produced by:
Joseph Loflin
Sheldon Davis
As always we thank you for joining us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions for topics, or species highlight request you can call or text the podcast at (407)900-5309 you can also email us at we would also love to have you share any updates or info or even drop by, and say hello don't forget to checkout our website, like us on follow us on Twitter @SeaWorldssplash as well as instagram @seaworldsplash, also don't forget to check out the new seaworld splash merchandise, and from all of us here on the seaworld splash team we thank you for joining us and hope you join us for the next amazing podcast to come. Splash you later.

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