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Mike: @omgmikehoffman
Dougie: @d0ug7a5
Everything is changing all the time! Mike and Dougie talk about letting go in the face of disappointment and we have a tough listener question about the shootings in Plymouth and the turmoil in Afghanistan.
The Three Universal Truths
1. Nothing is lost in the universe
2. Everything Changes
3. The Law of Cause and Effect
The Four Noble Truths
2. Suffering is caused by our own clinging
3. That type of suffering can be avoided
Upādāna - clinging
A man traveling along a path came to a great expanse of water. As he stood on the shore, he realized there were dangers and discomforts all about. But the other shore appeared safe and inviting. The man looked for a boat or a bridge and found neither. But with great effort he gathered grass, twigs and branches and tied them all together to make a simple raft. Relying on the raft to keep himself afloat, the man paddled with his hands and feet and reached the safety of the other shore. He could continue his journey on dry land.
Now, what would he do with his makeshift raft? Would he drag it along with him or leave it behind? He would leave it, the Buddha said. Then the Buddha explained that the dharma is like a raft. It is useful for crossing over but not for holding onto, he said.
Links: Learn Religions: The Buddha's Raft Parable
An explanation of the raft parable, including a couple of different interpretations Medium: Buddha on Worrying
A long-read on the benefits of remaining present in the moment to deal with your problems rather than losing yourself to worry Medium: 5 Buddhist Lessons On Leaning Into Change & Uncertainty To End Suffering
A more action-oriented breakdown of how to take control in moments of crisis UNHCR: The Buddhist Core Values and Perspectives for Protection Challenges: Faith and Protection
A quite in-depth factsheet that will tell you everything you need to know if you skipped series 1 ;)

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