Episode 056: Bringing the Center to the Edge with Joe Nisbett

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This is a great conversation this week on the Seeds of Tao Podcast. We are talking with Joe Nisbett, a permaculture student of Geoff Lawton and recent graduate from grad school as he seeks to find his place between the edge culture of permaculture, and mainstream society. If you’d like to get in contact with Joe, you can through these channels:




@joe.nisbett on Instagram

@joeneilnisbett on Facebook

If you’d like to get in contact with or learn more about the permaculture student club he founded at Auburn University, you can here:



@permaculturetigers on Instagram and Facebook

Also, for anyone thinking about these ideas of center and edgework: Permaculture Institute of North American, North American Leadership Summit - Join the Mainstream Action working group: https://pina.in/about-the-north-america-leadership-summit/

Catching the Permaculture Bug

We began this episode with Joe quoting Geoff Lawton about how permaculture is a virus, once you catch it starts taking over, and you inevitably spread it to others around you. This is such a great analogy. We have had many guests on the podcast, and all of them talk about their awakening to permaculture as a life-changing event. It is so life-changing, in fact, that many people will drop their previous career or lifestyle goals, and pivot to go after new dreams of homesteading regenerative farming, and eco-villages. Sometimes their permaculture epiphany will lead them to almost completely removing themselves from society... Read the full post at SeedsofTao.com

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