Episode 062: Building Financial Resiliency with Laura Oldanie

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Welcome back, friends! This week we’re diving into a SUPER important topic that affects permies (and everyone else for that matter) worldwide. That topic is financial sovereignty. Laura Oldanie is joining us to share her journey and epiphanies she has had over the years as she has sought to create a stable financial life. Laura is such a great resource, in fact we had her teaching the group in one of our MOKR Masterminds not long ago. To check out more of what Laura’s up to…

Her website is https://www.richandresilientliving.com/

Or you can follow her on social media on:





In the episode she also mentions having a ton of student loan resources for those of you trying to get out of student loan debt:










What a Capital Idea!

Laura shares many awesome epiphanies and ideas throughout the podcast episode this week, but here in the blog post we really wanted to hone in on one big idea she shared - that there are eight forms of capital. This is such a wonderful concept because we really shouldn’t have tunnel vision and only look at capital around us in terms of $$$. Rather, we need to use our wide-angle vision to adequately see the resources that are abounding around us. So let’s dive into the eight forms of capital that Laura brought up!

Read the full post on the Seeds of Tao website here

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