SHFL 108 : Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset - 10 Vital Differences Revealed

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Do you have a scarcity mindset? Or is your mindset one of abundance? How do you know? In this podcast episode, I cover the scarcity vs abundance mindset by identifying and explaining 10 crucial differences.
I'll also define what the words scarcity and abundance actually mean. This may surprise you! I'll also uncover some personal stories from younger years when I didn't have much abundance!
By learning the important distinctions that underpin the differing scarcity vs abundance mindset traits, you will gain awareness of what you can do to become more abundant. This podcast episode tackles scarcity and abundance in multiple areas of life, so it's not just about money!
Enjoy learning about the scarcity vs abundance mindsets and how they differ, so you can move towards a more abundant life!

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