SPS 128: How I Sold 1,000,000+ Copies Of My Book Through An Informercial with Anthony Morrison

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This was a mind bending episode with Anthony Morrison. Before you skip past and say "I'll never do an infomercial, so I'll skip this episode", give it a lesson. Anthony breaks down how to run a successful infomercial...but also talks about tips that will help you to better sell your book, including: -how to use story and emotion when selling everything -why you should talk to one person -How QVC laughed him off the phone (and what he did next) -How he filmed his first infomercial with Marc Victor Hansen on a low budget in Mississippi -the secret to running profitable ads on TV If you're thinking about running an infomercial, TV ad, or even a webinar for your book, you don't want to miss this episode!

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