SPS 131: Get Different With Your Book Marketing: How To Market In A Way That Stands Out with Mike Michalowicz

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How do you market your book in a way that's authentic to YOU? And that's different? Today I bring Mike Michalowicz back on the podast to talk about exactly that, and: -Why you should avoid best practices with your book marketing -The difference between the medium and the method -The Invisible Email, The Butt Cheek Book Trailer, and how he sold 11,000 copies of his new book in the first 2 weeks -The DAD framework: 3 elements to stand out with your marketing -Why I’m writing a Children’s Book (and why it’s massive business opportunity for you) This was another incredible interview with Mike. If you're looking for different ways to market your book...or you're thinking about turning your nonfiction book into a children's book...you don't want to miss this episode!

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