Hindsight Will Soon Be 2020 John Haller Prophecy Update

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Well, at least we missed the Murder Hornets. That's the good news.
2020, by any evaluation, has been a challenging year. Full of unprecedented moral and social chaos, the world has moved even further away from the truth, choosing to embrace a lie that began in the Garden over six millennia ago.
God is drawing us near, seeking our hearts, souls, and minds because He is about to make some noise. Give Him your full attention and devotion, being grateful for the life He gave for us that we may have eternal life with Him. Nothing can ever separate you from His love. We will endure, and press forward into 2021 as warriors, and ambassadors, for the Savior whom we love. May God bless each and every one of your families this Christmas Season.
We will see all of you in 2021, Lord willing and the creek don't rise!

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