How Sharp Is The History Of Scissors? with Teresa Collenette

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This week’s episode is a cut above the rest, as we explore the history and cultural significance of scissors. Join Jonathan and design historian Teresa Collenette as they talk ancient spring scissors, Victorian-era chatelaines, Jonathan’s go-to hair shears, and Teresa’s incredible collection of more than 100 pairs of scissors.

Teresa Collenette is a design historian, curator and collector. Teresa has curated several exhibitions with the Fashion and Textile Museum, including The Secret Life of Scissors in 2018 and Beautiful People: The Boutique in 1960s Counterculture, which is up now!

You can follow her on Instagram @thehouseofscissors.

Want to learn more about scissors? Check out these resources:

Handmade scissors in Sheffield at Ernest Wright

Scissors being made at Ernest Wright

Scissors maker William Whiteley & Sons, Sheffield

Scissor Collecting Magazine

Dial M For Murder

The Secret Life of Scissors exhibition in The New York Times

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