Angel Medium: A Conversation With Michael Terzi 

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Michael Terzi grew up understanding early that he had what some would call a “gift”. Although, not initially feeling like it was a blessing, he slowly began to understand and accept that something was different. As he grew into adulthood, he would come to fully understand his connection to the other side, specifically Angels. Michael would eventually turn his life into being a conduit for communicating messages he could not possibly know from Angels to the living, who need them most.

  • Do human attachments always move into the light, or can they be cast to a dark place if they are so negative?
  • How can someone identify if they had a past life?
  • When someone enters a new life after passing on through reincarnation, is it always in what we identify as “the future”.
  • When you saw your first human spirt, what was going through your mind – are you starting to think you were having a breakdown or suffering from a mental disorder?
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