Demon Infested Home | A Conversation with Joe Campbell

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A family thought they were living the American Dream. A safe place to call home, kids, pets, and peace. Until the peace aspect was removed and something much more malevolent took its place. Diabolical voices whispering “we like your pain,” to the children seeing hands coming out of the wall while walking through the halls at night. What caused an otherwise peaceful home to turn very dark, amazingly fast? That is what we discuss today with Joe Campbell on The Grave Talks.

  • When did the activity begin in the demonic house that had been passed down for generations?
  • When a demonologist confirmed that the voices coming through the home were demonic, what action did the family take?
  • Does the land hold anything that may have caused dark energy to invade this home?
  • How are the kids coping with these disturbing experiences in their home?
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