DIY Pandemic Paranormal Investigation A Conversation with Vinny Carbone

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Vinny Carbone has been a paranormal investigator for several years. In a time and place during the Covid-19 pandemic where investigators and exorcists are not able to visit a home, has paranormal activity increased? Are the spirits more active now, than in other recent points in history? Today we discuss this and more on The Grave Talks.
  • What are some mistakes to avoid in using these?
  • Some say ghosts are like insects, if you have them, do you always have to get rid of them?
  • Is there a way for an online exorcism to be effective during a pandemic?
  • What are some of the biggest misconceptions about paranormal investigators?
  • Are there ever certain areas of homes that tend to be more haunted than others?
  • Do malevolent entities use our natural fear of darkness in a basement or attic to make that fear more intense? Does having paranormal activity in these areas increase the likelihood of it being a negative entity?
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