Ghosts Among Us | A Conversation With Jason Faust

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Skipping Sunday school to explore the dark corners of his childhood church, seeking to prove the paranormal encounters he would overhear from the church elders, Jason Faust started young on his quest for answers to the supernatural. A search that would eventually lead him into the world of paranormal investigation, and finally into people's homes, who want nothing more than to live in peace away from the spirits that torment them. Today we hear Jason's story of going from being a curious child to an interested adult on a mission to help the paranormally affected.
  • Has Jason ever been in a situation where the house's spirit force was something dark or even demonic?
  • Does Jason think that demonic or dark forces only come out for those capable of handling them?
  • Are certain areas that don't seem to have a lot of "reported activity" genuinely null and void of it, or are it more than the living try to avoid accepting reality?
  • Can a false ghostly "legend" take on actual paranormal activity due to mass interest or tampering in the area of the reported legend?
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