Ghosts VS Spirits | A Conversation With Kale Epperson

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Ghosts, spirits, and energies from beyond the grave. To the unstudied individual, it sounds simple to understand the difference between all of them. To those who have dove deep into the subject, know that the family tree of the dead, the states of existence go far beyond a simple label. Where does this energy come from? Why does it decide to stay, and what draws the living to seek them out? Today we discuss all of this with Kale Epperson.
  • What causes a “spirit” to know and retain their living memory is just like living, yet “ghosts” seem to slowly slip away in energy and memory. What does Kale consider the difference between ghosts and spirits?
  • Do ghosts sometimes get stuck on an object or repetition and need human interaction to help break that focus?
  • Are there specific areas that hold more energy because of the living activity at one time, or do they have free will to move where they please?
  • Do spirits sometimes choose places of heavy human activity to haunt because they can blend in more?
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