House of Ghosts | A Conversation With Nick Graves

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When you grow up in a house filled with ghosts, it's not hard to naturally develop an interest in the paranormal. It's not a bridge too far to want to know who, what, where, and why you've been haunted through your formative years. Nick Graves is one such person. Starting in childhood, he and his family began to experience visits from the other side. While the setting of the structure he called home would change, the hauntings would not. Spirits of all types seemed to find Nick trying to make him aware of their presence. This is his story.
  • What does Nick feel like the ghost "family tree" looks like when talking about the paranormal?
  • What did nick experience while investigating the Wilson Castle?
  • Does Nick ever feel any reservation about how open communication can be today with the dead?
  • Has Nick ever been in a situation where he felt what he was communicating with was negative?
  • How did Nick make peace with the spirits while working late nights in a haunted restaurant?
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