In Touch With The Dead | A conversation with Ryan Weflmeyer

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Communicating with the dead was always something that captivated the mind of Ryan Weflmeyer. Eventually, Ryan decided that he felt it was time to try and explore that world and try communicating on his own. In short order, it was a success. From communicating with the dead at an abandoned high school to many other locations. Ryan began a journey of trying to understand how the dots connect within ourselves enabling us to communicate with the other side, but also with the physical world and the tools that now exist. Today we discuss how to be in touch with the dead, on The Grave Talks.

  • How is it that sometimes people can communicate without words or actions, even if they are many miles apart?
  • How has Ryan been able to improve on his ability to connect with the dead?
  • Ryan believes that the more one seeks spirits, the more they seek us, why is that?
  • What drew Ryan into investigating the Hinsdale House, and what secrets does it hold?
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