Spirits of Fernald | A Conversation with Nick Graves

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The Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center has a very dark past. A past shaded with sinister and unethical experimentation on developmentally disabled children. From eugenics to feeding children cereals laced with radioactive isotopes. Life inside the Fernald was not one of rehabilitation or care that it should have been. Today, the campus sits abandoned, a quiet and lonely reminder of a time that many would rather forget. But do the dark shadows of the past still linger in the halls of countless buildings that slowly rot away on this seemingly cursed plot of land? Today we learn about Fernald's Spirits as we talk with paranormal investigator Nick Graves.

  • What is Nick found in the church on the Fernald property that seems to have evil intent?
  • Are there negative entities that reside on the campus of this facility?
  • Is it possible to confuse a negative entity for a confused entity that still suffers from their disabilities even in the afterlife?
  • Do the former residents haunt this facility or the spirts who linger "things" that feed off former residents' pain and anguish?
  • Why would conscious spirits choose to reside there still for a location with such dark history? Or do they have a choice?
  • What are the campus's status and its buildings today, and what does the future hold for it?
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