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The haunted White House. It’s one of the most iconic homes on the planet. Decisions that have shaped the face of this planet and the societies that live in it have been made there. As it turns out, many of those decision-makers who once walked its halls in life, still linger there today. Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and many others still seem to have a purpose in the most powerful house on the planet, long after their passing. Today we talk with paranormal story teller Jeff Belanger about the ghosts and the shocking accounts of the dead who still wander the halls of the haunted White House.
Are there any malevolent ghosts in the haunted White House? What other US Government buildings are haunted in the Washington DC area?Do the ghosts in the white house have a purpose or mission?Has the Pentagon seen any reported paranormal activity in the area of the 9/11 attacks?How much time needs to pass before the area of a tragedy can be investigated for ghosts?To listen to part two of our interview, you need to be a Grave Keeper (supporter of the show). You can do this by signing up on our Patreon Page here:

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