Why Spirits Haunt | A Conversation with Bill Vockroth

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A large family lives together in a multi-acre homestead. The bonds of love, trust, and understanding grow and the family evolves. A little girl plays with another little girl down the road, they laugh and giggle and have a good time being children. The only problem with this picture… They are all dead. Yet the family unit remains intact on the other side. Today we discuss death, spirits, and the dynamics of the dead with paranormal investigator Bill Vockroth.
  • Can the living haunt themselves in a residual form after a traumatic event that did not result in a death?
  • Has Bill found that his level of sensitivity increased after experiencing the passing of his girlfriend and his own battles with cancer?
  • How much does the feel or historic theme of an environmental influence the odds of a location being haunted?
  • Why are the spirits drawn to the museum?
  • Sometimes spirits show themselves as children to gain trust when they are not a child at all. How does one determine quickly if they are dealing with something that was human or something that was inhuman? Sprits of children – tricking us to let our guards down?
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