Brand Vs.USP Which Do You Have?

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The end of the year is coming, and I know with the holidays it is very easy to get burnt out, but I implore you to go ahead and invest that time into your self and look at what you could be doing differently and purposefully. On this weeks episode, I'm going to share with you what I believe the future is for businesses. I mean, there's a reason why we started this podcast five years ago, we saw the writing on the wall.

We're saying attract, attract, attract before everyone even heard it in their vocabulary. They're still saying Chase, Chase Chase. It's because consumers changed the way they look for information. What they want from their lender or their realtor has changed and nobody's hiring you anymore because of the company you're affiliated with. I don't care if you're at exp or REMAX or you're at Keller Williams, or if you're a broker and you're at lending tree or Bank of America, no one gives a crap, you're getting hired off of your personal brand period. And it's going to continue to work that way.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Branding vs. USP
  • How to provide a personal experience
  • How to compete with companies spending billions of dollars going into the marketplace to create alternatives to the buying and selling or lending process


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So how do you attract new business? You constantly don't have to chase it. Hi, I'm Mike way Ambassador real estate marketing. This podcast is all about building a strong personal brand people have come to know like trust and most importantly, refer. But remember it is not their job to remember what you do for a living. It's your job to remind them let's get started

what is up ladies and gentlemen, welcome to their episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. Hey low, folks, it is getting to that time of year Thanksgivings coming up. And that usually this last two months, it's when you start planning for the next. I mean, let's be honest, I don't know about you. But I always get burnt out about this time of year, regardless of what I'm doing. And I was always when I was in real estate, even today, when we're doing a lot of video work for people and whatnot. But the end of the year, what I'm excited about is that it's a time that you actually go ahead and work on the business, decide what you're going to not be doing any more than what you're going to be doing and then just sort of strategize and take that time take the holiday time off with four days off next week. holidays come you know from that December 20 to the end of the year, it's you get two weeks where it's pretty laid back. But I implore you to go ahead and invest that time into your self and look at what you could be doing differently and purposeless. podcasters we don't have a guest on today, we're going to teach a little bit. And I'm going to share with you what I believe the future this entire businesses. I mean, there's a reason why we started this podcast five years ago, we saw the writing on the wall. We're saying attract, attract, attract before everyone even heard it in their vocabulary. They're still saying Chase, Chase Chase. And it's because consumers change the way consumers look for information is what's changed in the way consumers and what they want from their lender their realtor is has changed and nobody's hiring you anymore. Because of the company you're affiliated with. I don't care if you're at exp or REMAX or you're at Keller Williams, or if you're a broker and you're at lending tree or Bank of America, no one gives a crap, you're getting hired off of your personal brand period. And it's going to continue to work that way. So amazing. I was talking to someone the other day, as a matter of fact, I'm doing this podcast in my garage, and I'm running a company two days a week out of my garage. And honestly, people don't quite care if I do a demo with somebody. And I'm like, hey, guess what, I'm in my garage, right now. Because people, I feel like this whole COVID thing is even more so with social media, but like the whole professional thing is gone fucking way out the window. And what people are really looking for is that personable experience, they just want authenticity they want to be they want the person they're talking to the they could trust them, in other words, but you have to be thought of or brought to first. And that's what we're gonna be chatting about today. What is it that people want? And how do they go out and actually hire you first? Well, it's very simple. comes down to three separate things, of what people whether they're by hiring a real estate agent or looking for a lender or whether they're buying video services from me, or they're hiring us to do a website or something. It doesn't matter people break things down price. Are they looking for convenience? Are they looking for an experience or service, okay, and any business is going to have the exact same thing. So let's look into talking about convenience in the market. If you're a lender, there's things like Quicken Loans, Zillow, Home Loans, Rocket Mortgage, if you're a real estate agent, there's things like Zillow, there's ibuyers, there's flat fee brokerage offerings. So interruption is here. And the reason why it's here is because the consumers want it. I mean, these companies are spending billions of dollars going into the marketplace to create alternatives to the buying and selling or lending process. And if there wasn't an appetite for that information, or that type of service to exist, well, they wouldn't be putting billions of dollars into it, would they? So how do you really compete back against that as an individual? Because the truth is, is that all these companies are going to weigh outspend you they have way bigger bank accounts than you or your brokerage and they have way bigger bank accounts. And if all of you got together even they are funded very well. Now, it's not all doom and gloom, though. Because the truth is, the way that you're going to keep back is the one thing that these big conglomerate companies that have these offerings are these unique selling propositions. The one way you fight back is through your personal brand because brand will trump anything brand can't compete against or they can't compete against the personal relationship you have with your

network. past clients, right? These big companies are going to weigh more money, they're going to have different programs and incentives, they're going to have slick tack, they're gonna have better search better websites, it's gonna feel very threatening. But just like I told you a couple minutes ago, consumers are going to choose who they feel most comfortable with. And it's very important that you speak to them first, okay? Over 80% of people hire, the first person they meet with the truth is that these companies are trying to get their first. This is where your brand comes in your brand is what people remember about you. And no, they don't remember what you do for a living, including your best friends that they do remember, is how you do it. That's your personal brand. So what we're talking about here is, you know, the National Association of REALTORS had a conference out here a couple of weeks ago, and the topic of the conference was that everybody needs to be creating their own content. I 100% agree with that's the whole reason why we created real estate marketing Dude, we script edit and distribute video content for people that wanted us to do it for him. Now, why doesn't anyone else. And it's crazy how many agents are not creating their own content, but you cannot build a brand or stay on top of mind with people that you already know, or have used you in the past if you're constantly trying to sell your shit. That's where content comes in. There's a difference between marketing and advertising and an employer to go back and check out the podcast I did on that. So I also wrote a really in depth article on my website called advertising versus marketing, if you want to know more about it, but marketing is not advertising and advertising is not marketing folks. And when we're talking about why I'm saying you need to go all in on your brand this year, immediately is because that's what people remember. The problem is, though, that you probably haven't really viewed yourself as a brand and most people don't. So let's talk more about what it is. It's not. It's a mixture of your personality, the experience people have with you. But also, it's how you remain on top of mind. Okay. And when we're talking about separating ourselves from the herd, there's really only two ways you can do it. Now, one is you can attract business or separate yourself from all the other realtors and all this interruption through a unique selling proposition. This is why a company like Redfin could go into any market without a brand and start transacting immediately. They have a unique selling proposition in the form of a rebate rebate program that a certain percentage of the population is always going to transact with that's proven. So do you have a unique selling proposition? For you? How do you do that? Well, I can share with you how we're doing it. And this is another thing I implore you to check out. We're going to be implementing our listing advocate system, which is just a multiple offer multiple home seller Option Program. Now how we're offering that listed advocate system is we're saying hey, we don't just give you one way to sell your house, we give you five and let you decide you want to do a fixin list you want to cash offer? Do you want to do a sell in stage, you want to do a trade up option? And then let them decide to calculate all their net sheets and compare everything side by side? Because that's one unique selling proposition that no other agent in our market has? And none of the eye buyers even have yet? So but what do you do? If you don't have that? Well, maybe you start we have a couple of clients of ours that have a give back program where they sell or they donate five 10% of their Commission's or the proceeds from a closing back to a charity or foundation. That is a unique selling proposition. Right? You could have your own rebate program, or you could have your own flat fee offering Why couldn't you if I'm a real estate agent, we are going to do that I'm gonna have a flat fee program and I'm gonna have a full service and let them decide. See people want options. But if what you're doing is doing what everybody else is and what the hell are you doing differently to earn their attention to stand out and they remain on top of mind when people actually need your services?

Think about that. Does the brokerage you're with have a unique selling proposition?

Right? Do you have certain programs you're selling maybe you're a new construction specialist. Maybe you're a lender and you only do non warrantable condos or rehab type loans. But specializations are also a niche This is what separates yourself from other people. So think about that. What do you what is it that that you need? What's What do you do? That gets people to be like oh, that's different in your product and service what you're offering and don't say oh I have access to the MLS because so does everybody else or MLS is public accessible now. And people aren't hiring you because of your real estate license or hiring you because of how you do business and what you do with it. It's very, very important that we understand how minds work and what people really want to really focus on what options they want to feel like they're not getting ripped off. Now, the other way you can build your brand, if you don't have a unique selling proposition is going to be through your personal brand. And yes, you can do both. Right? You could? Well, there's no reason why couldn't you do both? We're going to do both. We're doing both I'm doing both right now do both on this podcast, my selling you in any of my products, or my just sort of telling you about them and telling you how we're going to use them and why they work. So now if you don't have a unique selling proposition, your personal brand becomes your unique selling proposition. Right? You have to remember that 80% of people still use the first person they meet with, which means this is still a popularity contest. And yes, you have a personal brand. But the key is that you can't build a brand or a personal brand without creating content. This means yes, you need a Facebook account. Yes, you need an IG account. As you need to be active on social media. It is impossible to build any brand without consistent communication to an audience. There's no way I built real estate marketing dude, Brandon, we got a million downloads on our podcast, by simply showing up sporadically over a three month period of time. We did it by showing up every freakin weekend with a new episode, and kept publishing that episode to the same audience. And over time, we were rewarded with lots of downloads, and the more constant we have the more podcasts I do like this, some of you guys are gonna call me and be like, Hey, I like what you said, Dude, I want you to hire us. I want to hire the marketing dude, so that you guys could turn me into a local celebrity? And I'll say, okay, great. Let's do it. Am I selling you? Absolutely not. I'm serving you. There's a difference between how we communicate. And that's what a personal brand is. So if you're looking at how do I build a personal brand? Well, you do it by creating content, you could do it by creating video content, which we believe in is the number one way to do it. That's why we have real estate marketing dude. But you don't have to do video content. Let's just be honest, not everybody's going to get on video. I wish everyone would I believe you have to but doesn't mean if you don't, you're going to be out of business either. But you are going to have to do something that creates content, or what I previously was talking about create a unique selling proposition. What is it that you do differently is what people want? You can't attract anything without being the same. Do you think I could pick out? Let's just take there's 100 sheep in a field? Do you think I could pick and they all have different names? Do you think I could pick out which ones Larry? No, that's exactly what consumers think about real estate agents. today. We're all selling the same thing. Now if I have 100 sheep in the same corral, or whatever the hell you call it in the field, and one of them's a black sheep, well, he sort of sticks out that black sheep has my attention. If I was gonna go cut any of those sheep's wool, I'd probably start with the black one first, just because it's a little different. See what I mean? So like, we are in the business of content creation, you have a brand, but you'll never build a brand without either without creating content. How can you do this a lot of different ways. You could communicate with people through other ways other than video. There's a reason why every single real estate agent or lender that you see very active on social media, whether they're doing real stories, constantly posting on IG and Facebook, there's a reason why those people are also selling or doing a lot of business. It's because they have attention. Like do you know anyone, I want you to go ahead and look at your Facebook feed. Look at anyone who's active on social media right now. I want you to see if any of them are not doing business, let's flip the script. And then the question is going to be well, they're all doing a lot of business. How well because they're creating content, that every content every piece of content has to be about

your loan program or your the house you sold, you could create content with your kids being a human, the freakin pumpkin patch. It doesn't matter. But you have to remain present. If you stop talking to your network if you stop talking to your social reach if you stop talking your email list. If you stop talking to other people who've given you referrals, I've done business with you in the past. It's very tough to build a brand because the truth is they forget who you are and you're not that important. The key to all this if you're going to build a brand is how do you do it in your way. That's the key. One option is you hire real estate marketing Dude, come on. But the other option is you sit down during this holiday season. If you actually think about who the hell am I? What makes me different? Let me look at the last 10 clients that I had, and what do they all have in common? See, it's people, birds of a feather flock together, chances are the last 10 People you served, you guys had something in common. And there's a reason why we all become friends with the clients that we work with. It's because we attract like people, there's no shortage of people in your occupation, whether you're investor, a real estate agent or lender, there's a million of you out there. And to be honest with you, most of you are all selling the same shit. I can't differentiate any of you, except the look of your face. But we honestly if you're not creating content, I don't know what you look like, either. I just know you're just another lender, you're just another sheep in the field. So what can you do this year? That makes you different? Can you host open houses instead of open houses, have Taco parties that are posting on social media and start doing everything you do with tacos? Because you love eating tacos? Fuck yeah, you can? If you have a beard, can you create a show called beard budget? Yes, you can do that, too. If you have eight kids, can you create content with your kids and all of them and talk about real estate? Absolutely. You can do whatever the hell you want. That's the beauty of this is that everyone has a brand. I've seen people that most of us think have no business of getting on video do very well with video, not because they worked with us. But because we figured out what their brand strategy was before they got started. You see, you don't have a career in content creation, or long living life and content creation without first identified how you should be creating that. And the truth is, that's going to be different for every single person. Because just like God only made one of you and you have a fingerprint. Well, you do have a brand and there's not going to be any single one alike. And that's pretty fucking cool. So I come back to you. And I say, hey, implore this back to you, like you have a couple options, this coming up, winter, and as are what are you going to do next year? I'm telling you, what's happening. This is all I do. The writing's on the wall. You have companies like us that will help you do that. And there's others if it's not us, I don't care if you choose us or not, we might not even like each other. But you have to work on building your personal brand. And that's a requirement. If you're gonna listen to the show, start building your fucking brand. I get messages from people on like Instagram and Facebook a little bit. Hey, thanks for your advice. I've been following you for two years, I implemented everything you say, and we're fucking crushing it. And I'm like, I love that. And the stuff I'm talking about isn't rocket science. This is a giant popularity contest. I'm just showing you people how to not be forgotten about by doing things that are authentic, consistent, and generate attention. So don't overthink it. Focus on what you're going to be doing each month that generates attention around your brand. What can you do on a monthly basis, consistently that people will notice? Can it be direct mail, it could be video email, it could be a bunch of social media. You could send people clumpy mail, you can do business owner interviews, you could do neighborhood tours, if you're going on video. You can do client events, monthly events, you could do giveaways, you can do toy drives. I don't care what it is you do but you have to do something that generates attention. That reminds people of what you do for a living. That's it. It is the simplicity behind building a brand.

It's not hard and it's probably right beneath your nose. So take the tips I have today. Want to keep it short. Hopefully resonate with this. Because of any additional questions. Visit us at real estate marketing to check out the blog and check out some of our podcasts and leave us some reviews. Share this shit on social media for me, let me get the word out there. If you enjoy what we're doing here at marketing, dude, the more people that share this, the more people we get to serve more people we get to serve, the more we get the help. We're brands we blow up and it's a beautiful marriage. So we appreciate guys listen, the show for the last five years and this holiday. Take the time with your family. And while you're sitting around at that Thanksgiving Day table. I want you to think about and be like Hey, what the hell am I doing this year? What am I really thankful for? Be thankful for your business, your clients, thankful for the opportunity. But those who don't work on their business hit their own glass ceiling. Oh, just be thankful. Be grateful. And then stop. Thank about what you want to do and then take fucking action. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode of real estate marketing dude. If you want to visit us at our website is the American to and make sure you follow our social channels all over the place. Look us up real estate American or real estate marketing dude, you'll find us follow us subscribe, and we hope to hear from you soon. Appreciate you guys this in the show. We'll see you guys next week. Bye. Thank you for watching another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. If you need help with video or finding out what your brand is, visit our website at WWW dot real estate marketing We make branding and video content creation simple and do everything for you. So if you have any additional questions, visit the site, download the training and then schedule a time to speak with the dude and get you rolling in your local marketplace. Thanks for watching another episode of the podcast. We'll see you next time.

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