How To Build A Never Ending Pipeline With Sherri Johnson

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Quite often on the show, what you'll hear me say is stuff along the lines of "Hey, you are just a salesperson chasing another check if you are only counting the commission as the real value of closing a transaction instead of leveraging your transactions. When I was selling real estate, the goal of the listing was not to sell the damn house, the goal was to leverage the house for additional buyer leads brand building, and certainly to solidify the relationship with the person that we represented. It's never a matter of just selling a house.

So today, Sherry Johnson is going to walk us through exactly what she calls sort of the gold mine pipeline. She's a coach nationally. She's been doing this for years, and she's got a wealth of knowledge. She sold for almost 10 years, then went into leadership and management with a huge company, Howard Hanna Real Estate. There, she grew the sales volume of 750 agents from 600 million to 1.7 billion in four years. Today, she provides solutions for agents, individual agents, teams, large teams, mega teams, and also provides management and brokerage executive level coaching for companies.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why you should be running a business and not being a salesperson chasing a check
  • What the goldmine pipeline system is
  • How to grow your sales volume


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So how do you attract new business, you constantly don't have to chase it. Hi, I'm Mike way ambassador, real estate marketing. This podcast is all about building a strong personal brand people have come to know, like trust and most importantly, refer. But remember, it is not their job to remember what you do for a living. It's your job to remind them. Let's get started

What's up ladies and gentlemen, welcome another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast, another Friday here, and actually, this show is gonna go live tomorrow. So this is like real time, like, I'm low on shows, and I'm loading up. But it's a good one. I was just on her podcast. And I know the last few weeks, I've been doing a lot more like training and whatnot. But I wanted to bring on a coach. And she's got a really cool system. Quite often on the show, what you'll hear me say is stuff along the lines of like, Hey, you are just a salesperson chasing another check. If you count the real value of closing a transaction that only commission you have on that deal specifically, and not leveraging your transactions, the next one. So when I was selling real estate, the goal of the listing was not to sell the damn house and it was gonna sell fucking house. The goal, the goal was to leverage the house for additional buyer leads brand building, and certainly to solidify the relationship with the person that we represented. Because it's never a matter of selling a house. Like my goal is to sell everyone for houses and under referred into for more relationships that I can read, rinse and repeat the same damn thing. So we're talking about running a business and not being a salesperson chasing a check. So our guest today is Sherry Johnson is going to walk us through exactly what she calls sort of the gold mine pipeline. She's a coach nationally. She's been doing this for years, and she's got a wealth of knowledge. So without further ado, let's go ahead and welcome Miss Sherry Johnson to the show. Sherry, how are you and thank you for joining us.

Hey, Mike, thanks for having me. I'm excited to be on your awesome podcast and talk about this. Yeah, it's gonna be to be hopefully one of your best episodes I have, I think.

Let's go in. I want you to tell everyone, just brief background, who the hell are you? Where do you come from how you been doing this, and then we'll get into it.

Awesome. So I am in Cleveland, Ohio, born and raised, and I've been a real estate broker for 25 years, I'm going to 26 I was a top agent at a company we had two huge independent companies here in Cleveland. So I sold for almost 10 years, I then went into leadership and management with a huge company, Howard Hanna real estate. They're huge. We had, I think I had 750 agents in my territory after managing a couple of offices. Through the goldmine pipeline system that I created, when I was an agent, grew the sales volume of those 750 agents from 600 million to 1.7 billion in four years. And that was done through aggressively coaching and helping agents through the go my pipeline, but also, you know, going after being a listing agent, and as you said, selling three to five houses off of every listing and also, you know, getting clients for life and building a 90% referral base. So four years ago, or maybe now almost four and a half years ago, I started sharing Johnson coaching, which was a life goal of mine since I was 27 years old to have my own national speaking coaching and consulting company. We provide solutions for agents, individual agents, teams, large teams, mega teams, and then we also provide management and brokerage executive level coaching for companies and we are our preferred coaching company for some of the large brands. But at the end of the day, it's all about giving and adding value to agents to help them compete and win at higher level and grow really amazing businesses while working smarter, not harder. And, you know, not getting distracted by a lot of things out there. lead sources can come we're gonna talk about that, where can you go deep and one of those is with your database, or client base, also known as and I think we you know, there's there's lots of ways to do this business. I think agents just need to focus and have a system and a strategy and that's what I'm gonna deliver today for you with the goldmine pipeline. I have two kids by the way, I didn't mention that.

Manage that you managed to finally get a couple kids in there through all this.

I love my daughter Tori and 14 year old son Matthew, they're like little awesome individual. Many people they're just amazing. And they inspire me every day and I'm a big runner. I run half marathons and I love to run and I love I love real estate. I'm just like so stoked to be here. So thanks. Cuz you're amazing. And you were amazing on my podcast, by the way, so

thank you. Yeah, well, um, let's get into it because you're exactly right. When you say there's a system, they're running this business. And I think we're the why so many agents like fail from the beginning is because they don't approach it like a business or have a system to it, they approach it, like you're working in for a sales position, and you're working for someone that hires you to go out and sell stuff each and every month. And you can't run a business that way. It just won't work. It just, it doesn't work. I mean, statistically, and I hate saying that cliche, but 87% of agents fail after five years. And that's because for reasons that's four out of five people don't make it. And I think a lot of it has to do with what they're being taught at the very beginning. Cold calling door knocking and you're burning people out, you're so you're taking like a bunch of sales, people who aren't even really sales, people are trying to mold them into salespeople, and then it just turns into an ugly mess. So let's get into this gold mined pipeline and start from square one, I want you to walk me through sort of give me what are we going to focus on first, and let's go through sequential order, so everyone could sort of follow it,

I send out so you are the CEO of your business, you're gonna call yourself CEO, but you have to run out like a business, as Mike just said. And, you know, it's, it's not just gonna happen, like people, I think, get the get their license, and they mistakenly think that everyone in their sphere is gonna use them, which happens at some point, it will happen. But you have to have a plan. And we can't hope that people are just going to use, you can't hope you're going to do this business, you have to actually have a plan and make it happen, and be intentional and on purpose and what the goldmine pipeline is going to do for you. And what's so great about this pipeline, Mike is that it works, no matter what someone's current production is, okay, so if someone's already doing eight or 10, or 15 million or 20 million, they can use it to do 10, or, you know, to grow their business double or triple it, I have agents that are doing 100 million that use this system, everyone on their team is on it. So it doesn't matter what your current production is brand new, or you've been licensed for a long time. So it doesn't matter your years of experience, it doesn't matter your current production, this will create what I love the most which every agent, the reason 87% fail, is they don't ever develop consistent or predictable monthly income and they sell a house one month, don't sell a house the next month. And it's this ugly roller coaster issue. So perfectly stated. It's like, they just don't have enough people. And the biggest thing I've seen over these 26 years of leading and developing agents is that they have like two to three people that they focus their time and attention to over a 30 to 40 Hour Work Week, you've seen this movie, doing research for those three to five people. And they just don't have enough people that are having have conversations with enough people. And so while agents discount the ones who say, I'm not going to do anything for six to 12 months, they don't put them on a list, they never follow up with them. And what I say is opportunities are not lost. We didn't lose those opportunities. Those people went and bought a house eventually and listed their home with somebody else. So opportunities are lost, they go to someone else go my pipeline system will help alleviate that and not have that happen anymore. When you lose that listing. You know, agents will say to me Why didn't believe these people because they said they weren't going to do anything for a couple of months. And two weeks later the house is you know, frickin listed. And there's a sign in the yard or they see an MLS and they're like whiplash thinking How did this happen? And I'm like, Well, you didn't maximize the opportunity. And you didn't overcome their objection to listen, somebody else did. The what the goal my pipeline system will do is create consistent and predictable monthly income, which I love. So you're starting out and you want five grand a month or eight grand a month or 10 or 12,000 a month or more. You can create consistent and predictable monthly income by having more people on the list and taking everybody I mean, do we really care when I meet somebody at an open house and they don't know they started looking, you know, my line is hey, I work with you at your pace and your speed. Whether this takes two weeks, two months or two years I'm not going anywhere. Right and we take out that like Parana pneus of like I only want to work with you if you're ready now and and so when people like that they like that I'm not going to show houses for two years for God's sakes that's another problem people do but I'm saying is keep them on your list because even the two year person is going to sell in less than two years Okay, they just haven't wrapped their head around that yet. So what happens is they agents are spending all their time and attention on these two to three people they consider a buyers and if those things don't pan out Mike what do we have? We have like a big fat well

this is what happens when you do I mean it's why the peaks and valleys everyone spends time on the two to three you close them you're like shit, I need two to three more. Then you spend two to three months trying to find those two, three more than you rinse and repeat the same fucking thing over and over again. And that's why the average agent only sells six to nine houses. I could trip over six to nine sales a year. But I want to point out something that you said, it's really good. You're right, you have to, it's like, you meet someone in an open house, you have a good conversation, you know that if they were ready now that they would probably work with you, you just either get that feeling or you don't. And same thing, if it comes off a lead online, you're like, hey, you have a good rapport with somebody, Okay, I gotta, this guy's gonna buy a house. But the problem is, he's not gonna move here till about nine months. So How the hell am I gonna stay in touch with them? Listen, folks, if you just like continuously, every time you communicate with them, for the first time that you meet them to the time they're ready, if it's always about work, you're fucking slick salesman, at least in their eyes. And there's a way to humanize and nurture that relationship through other ways that you're not always having to talk about work, like trust me, once you meet someone first, and you establish the point that your agent, like, great, I got your an agent, okay, but doesn't mean that every time you talk to him in the future, you're gonna be like, written by anybody where he saw you already. So think about that salesperson that did that to you. Usually, it's in the form of a financial planner. And every time they come up to you, they just keep coming after you, you're like, your ego ready to go, we're gonna go dinner, like, I know, you're trying to sell me something, and then we get turned off. So I'm really interested to see how you're going to position this Go right ahead, keep going.

So the goldmine pipeline will actually cast a wider, bigger net, so that you're having more conversations with more people at varying stages of their home buying or selling process. And so some of those people are going to be a, but that might look like a right now, some are going to be be some are gonna be C and then in the pipeline, where we define a, b, and c is like, A, it's going to be 70. In the next 60 days, they're given Lister or bi, B would be up to six months, and C would be over six months, right? And what happens is we actually take your list instead of Mike, everyone has a list of leads, and we take the list, and you actually monetize the sales value of each of those people. So if you're in an average $400,000 market, and you have 10 leads, that would potentially be listing prospects, even if you haven't even spoken to them yet, you just know they might be a possible listing. And even when you know you're getting 10 of those leads for 100,000 apiece, we're at 4 million already right now, just intend. Now you say okay, Sherry, I've got 20 potential sellers, at varying stages of ready to sell. Now I met 20 times 400, a pop or $8 million. And I haven't even talked to you about your buyer side, potential client relationships yet. So think about this. So now go to page two on the form, and the strategy and we're gonna look at all buyers, okay, same thing, identify what timeframe they're in roughly A, B, or C ranking, and then put a value for them. And when we add that up, and it's 10, we've got another 4 million if it's 20, we have another 8 million. And so if you have 20, buyer leads and 20. Let's do it. So it's many of you do, you're sitting on what I call unrealized business, when you look at it in terms of monetized value, not because we look at people as $1 sign sale, but because if you saw what's on your pipeline right now, and it was $16 million, I think you'd feel like the Rockstar agent that you are or could be, right? So coaching is not making people great. It's actually bringing out your potential of what you have. And you just don't realize you

have given potential.

When agents come to me and they say, oh my god, here's a here the two bad examples everybody resonates with. They come to me and they say I have these three things that are happening. And I'm going out of town for you know, four days. I said, okay, can any of them happen before you get them any signed before you leave now? Okay, great. Let me know if you need anything. Well, two of them got listed. When was one was an expiring listing for 350 that got listed by you know, it's sold, actually. The other one got listed. It was 215. And it was that lifted by another agent in the office. She lost that so both those deals are gone. Before the four days are up. She comes into my office. My name is Jane, God bless her and she says you're not going to believe this. And I said why? She said my buyer that was going to write for 450 bought a for sale by owner. And I said, well, obviously you have other people in the pipeline. She said no. And this is what we hear. I was counting on those three things. She's crying, she was counting on a commission. I'm gonna sucks people. This is not how you This is why you are failing. And so to be totally blunt, it's like, oh my god, okay. So now as you said, we have to start over 90 days, two months it takes to cultivate, so then conversely with a better story, so you cannot just have three eggs and The basket people, it just it's not the way to do this business and you'll hate it. It is an up and down financial roller coaster. And again, any one of those blows would have been would have sucked just one of them all three, she didn't have if she had 25 or 30 more people to go talk to you, okay, she could have absorbed those hits. And then and and failures, you know, as out of her control a little bit. But like she could have gone to those other 25 to 30 leads, she didn't have anything in the backlog. So on the on the opposite spectrum. I had an agent come to me, one of the office and she came in and she said, You know, I feel like a loser 15 year veteran. Okay, she said, I feel like a loser. I said, Well, you're not a loser. She said, But I only have four buyers. And I said, Okay, handle the forum, I said, how many people you're talking to about listing their house? And she's like, well, I have a lot of those I said, are touch that have a ton of them. They said, Well, what's a ton? And like she said, I have 25 of those at least. And I said, if 25 listing leads, and you're telling me you're a loser, right? She said, Yeah. And I said, How many of those people are moving out of state? And she said, none of them and I said, Okay, so you have 54 pieces of business right here. Go fill this out, write down the numbers, fill in the blanks write down that value of each one of those potential sale, she came back 12 and a half million dollars. Okay, she's hugging me. She's feels like 10 She feels like 10 million 12 million. And And the truth was she about a 225 average sale price. And what I what she said to me, Mike is this, and this is where we fail again, she said to me, Well, none of these people are asking me to list their house. And I said they're not going to like we know what to do when a lead says Hey, Mike, I'm ready to sell my house. Hey, Cherie, like, I'm ready to go, I already bought a house and moving my leases up, I've already sold my house, I need to do this. Now. We know what to do when people call us. And when they do. What happens for these agents is it shows up in a blue frickin Tiffany box with a white bow on it, it's a gift. It happens once in a while. And it doesn't certainly doesn't happen often enough for people to make 150 or $350,000 a year. So if you want to be an agent that's making more money, you have to go make this happen. And so I said to her, they're not going to you have to add value and get yourself appointments of these people and get them excited about moving and go see their house. And so once you fill this pipeline up, she had, again, 54 pieces of the business 24 or 25, listing leads, and 29 buyer sides. And I said to her, you don't have any dialogue scripts, or talk tracks or strategies to get an appointment. So you need to come to life coaching each come i training and Thursday, whatever it was, and I'll teach you how to get appointments. So we fail, and we suck miserably as an industry at adding value to convert leads into clients and then getting appointments. So if you you could actually work a smaller number of people and just be more effective with a better strategy and get more business than trying to throw you know, whatever.

I mean, these are these are conversations. All right. These are. So these are so in would you say within the last three to six months? What's what's timeframe, like how often? What should we call these as like conversations that you guys have had, whether you're buying or selling with consumers, over a period

of what? Well, whatever it takes. So people stay on this list really until they buy or die or tell you to stop calling and most people are not going to tell you to stop calling unless they have bought something. So I followed up with it with a lead from an open house Mike for 11 months, I didn't show houses for 11 months, I followed up with a 45 second voicemail that I left people that said, hey, Sherry Johnson, with XYZ company, I sent you some less days I'd love to show you these houses when you're ready like no this day or this day. They didn't call me they didn't call me. And there are many coaches out there that say after someone goes shoo, you know, dump them after the third time. That's not my strategy at all. If they're just not calling me back, that's okay. I actually would call and laugh and say, Hey, tell me if you want me to stop calling and I will. But I probably won't. I'm gonna I'm gonna call you again next month. I'm going to call you again next month. And what happened is these folks were like, in the 11th month, which coincidentally happened to me November, they said to me, Sherry Johnson, you are the only person that stayed in touch with us. We'd like to listen and sell our house. Can you come over this week now? I was like, yeah, and then I and then here's what's crazy. They listed and bought with me and then less than two years in less than two years they did it again. And that time the house I sold them was for it was a 450 list and they bought for 650 and this is a repeatable and the fortune is in the follow up people it is how long did it take me to make those two calls a month, right? It did. I made two calls. Add value, I stayed in touch. And really those people had I not stayed in touch with them 11 months. So here's what's cool. The Goldmine pipeline is like the Alaskan pipeline, it goes on forever. And you're sitting on a goldmine if you build a big enough backlog of people, like I used to sell 75 houses. And I had about 125 good leads on my list at all times. And so you can very mathematically with my formula, figure out exactly how many people have to be on the pipeline that you're going to convert over, you know, the next 636 12 months, you need business six months from now. So when somebody says they're not ready, that's okay. That's awesome. I actually need business eight months from now, because I don't know where that sales gonna come from. And this is funny, Mike, this actually came from me sitting around as an agent, saying, where's my next deal coming from? I did about three and a half million my first year in 1996, when we still had books, and we weren't online, really MLS books. And, and I was like, where am I getting my next sale? So I would write down everybody, because I'm even remotely talking to you. And then I would write down everybody about buying. And I would add it up. And I would I would be like, Look, I could do 8 million look, I could do you know, it's

funny, I used to run around the notepad. That's how I kept track, as I said, but the white notepad and I remember having like 10 pages of people, I would just go through those names every day. And I would write my last notes. There's no system of follow up, and it's okay, follow up on this one, or I'd add it to my paper calendar. And follow up on it. So let's get into the communication part. Sure. How are we staying in touch? What's the conversation? Like? Are you reaching out on phone? Are you hitting any given them through email? So let's just take the average person that you have a conversation with, but I think where people get stuck is like, alright, they're not ready. But what the fuck do I say to them during this time? So like, let's get through the nurturing content? And how are we nurturing these people until they're ready, because you can't, you have value but you can't always be like, by you got it, it's there's a thin line, right? There's a you can always just be like, you can't be that slick salesman, but you can also be that non aggressor either, because that also says something. So what is the communication

you're doing? Once somebody comes into your fold into your environment, they go on everything, right, you get their email, and you add them to your, your, your Facebook group, that's a private group that only your clients and past clients and family friends referral sources are in, you start to build a relationship with them. And, you know, if you identify at the beginning, you say here, I have an exclusive homebuyer guide that has everything I need to know about buying a home, I tell agents to take the explicit homebuyer guide, we give them one, but if you don't, if you already have one, and break that into like 15 emails, if they're gonna buy with you and list with you, you use that campaign and you say, it's never too soon to have me over to look at your house, I'm not coming to list it. I mean, I am coming to list it. But I want to come there first and see the house. Because I add value to the process before you go to Home Depot or hire a contractor. I can tell you, I could save you time and money and tell you exactly what to do with that slight floor in the back hall that you're thinking needs to go because you haven't sold a house in 15 years. And you don't know that today's buyers love slate. So you can add value early on. And then what happens is those people are like, You know what, we met you and now we're excited and the interest rates and this and that, we're gonna move it up, and now we're going to buy and move sooner. So I would put them on a very good email campaign doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to spend a ton of money on a CRM, you can if you have a CRM, these come with those, you could just develop 16 emails that go out over time, with different points where you would say, you know, I'm still here, I'm if you're looking, if you're ready, still thinking of making a move? You know, for your SI people, I think your follow up, you know, a lot of times people make the mistake of thinking a C person is a C person six months after they put them on the list. And it's like, they could have changed, and you just, you're remembering that you made them a C, but that was six months ago or three months ago, they might see people turn into eight people very quickly. And you want to be the one that maximize that opportunity. So I would I would call them I would put them on an exclusive buyer program. Like everyone says, Well what's so exclusive? Well, it's yours number one and you are different than every other agent. So if you don't know that sit down over the weekend or this tonight and say what am I doing that's different than everybody else. My homebuyer guide was my listing tool like I used it as a prop and it got me more listing appointments because I would talk about the buying side but then I would quickly sort of identify you know, I want to come into your house that helps me to see your house while I'm out looking for a house for you. I can see your room sizes, your furniture, colors, things you love about your house and you You heard about your house. And they're like, Oh, no one's ever done that. That makes sense. And I just say, that's how I do things. I want to come see your house, what's in their house. Now we're talking about listing it. Now we're talking about a time frame. It shortens the sale process. And if you all would listen for like a second, here you are salespeople, like we said at the beginning, and your job is to get appointments, like nothing happens. You're not going to write an offer, not going to write a listing contract. If you don't have appointments in your in your schedule this week, it's not going to happen again. And I don't want that to happen is you have bills to pay and your whole family thing. Sure, you know, outworking and I want you to be in that 13% That's actually making money. So go my pipeline, over time should be carried around with you. And when you get lower, you start to see that you sold everything, if Bill your calendar by going back to that thing and saying okay, well to a bar.

Like seriously, just go out to a family party. Okay, get together, like, oh, yeah, you have Thanksgiving, like this time that Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, all the parents that were just trick or treating around the neighborhood's 10 to 15% of the people that you're walking around are moving this year, and all of them have referral for you. But here's what we're talking about is talking about building your audience building your list over time and building the wider net. She mentioned something that was important. The Facebook group, not all communication always has to be about real estate, that drip campaign should references just one touch through emails. But if they're also the Facebook group, or friends on Facebook, she's probably also talking about the news restaurant in the community. Right, right. She's also talking about a picture with her fabulous kids. She mentioned earlier, I'm sure it's mixed and matched somewhere in there. And it all starts by that little homebuyers guide you have what's the hook? That was the what gave you the excuse? So like, do you guys have any tools? Or do you guys have any content you own, you guys have any original content that will position you as an expert, like you have to have the basic tools and know your brokerages site is not good enough, because that's their tool, not yours. And you need your own brand. I mean, that's what people are hiring. So

yeah, it could be it could be educational, you could do a video series on your homebuyer guide, put on your YouTube channel and say, Look, if you're interested this is this is available for a minute already. In the meantime, I'm not going anywhere I work at your pace, your speed if we need to, if we need to move that up quicker, I will. But in the meantime, I'm going to put you into our system. And I'm going to share with you we do stuff on you know community involvement, we do a lot for the community, it's just other stuff outside of buying and selling and you're gonna love it because it's all great information. And it's part of the community, we all live work and play, I think that say, I love having conversations that have nothing to do with real estate, because you're at the center of those. So if you haven't done a networking event where you put four or five or eight women together that could all help each other, you know, do that. You're the, you're the center of those things. And when eventually the someone's gonna say, Hey, how's the real estate market share, and you're gonna start talking about the real estate market, everywhere you go. And like you said, this, you know, I made $18,000 at the carwash because I said real estate and I and I was available. And I I capitalized on talking to someone, which is again, what you're supposed to be doing, you know, if you don't like the word prospecting, I say talk real estate to everyone you meet, everywhere you go, you're gonna bump into people, Kid event, sports event, a work event, holiday event, birthday, whatever, you can make money in this business so easily, if you would just think about serving with, you know, value add a value driven strategy, the goal mind pipeline, what's so cool about this is that on the very last page of the pipeline, we separate the A's from the A, B, and C. And when we look at all A, B, and C, it's a pretty big number 16 20 million, whatever. When you just look at the A's, you're able to now forecast like a business owner, what your sales and listings will look like over the next two months. And ultimately what your cash flow will look like which again, we never see that we agents or make money, make no money, right? You don't have to be in that feast and famine, you can actually look at and say I'm I should, over the next two months, make this and this and now you're saying predictability, predictability, I now am in control of my business and you can make whatever you want. You want to double your business, double the amount of appointments should go on, put more people on the pipeline. And by the way, I almost forgot to say like if someone says they have a referral for you like this one guy friend of mine, Josh said I have a referral and my neighbor wants to sell and we're like in a park There's no way I'm getting that information right then. And I said, great, cool that his neighbor, they live in a 650 plus neighborhood. So I'm going to write on the goldmine pipeline under listing lead Josh's neighbors 650. Why cuz I want to remind myself to call the lead referral source, right? Otherwise, that's going to go through the cracks, I'm going to see that house listed and be like, Oh, my God, I talk to somebody and be pissed at myself. Now, you won't be because you put Josh's neighbor 650 on the go my pipeline sheet as a reminder, as a placeholder until you get the clients actual information. So this system is like simple, but it's brilliant, if I may say so. And I've helped 1000s of people like that we're gonna quit the business, say, You know what, I did this. And now I've already sold 3 million. I mean, we take people from a million and a half to 6 million in one year, we take people from six to 60, and so on. So you know, if you want a copy of this, I'm happy to you know, go to just email me, man, you rock at Sherry Johnson comm. We'll put that in, in your podcast if you want. But I'll give you the system, the form and the ways to maximize it. It is a simple system we have provided also in an Excel spreadsheet for people who like it, most agents don't like Excel. But the bottom line is talking to more people. And using this as this is your list to follow up with every week. And if you can't follow up, because your scripts soccer you feel like you just can't you're dead ending everywhere, then, you know, hire somebody hire coach, though, listen to some free content that is out there.

So easy, though. Like, it's so easy, like you can't, if you can't follow up? No, I'm just gonna tell them I quit the business like you're not, it's not gonna work like this is really simple. And I don't want to be the negative Nancy over here. But you'll just be honest, like if this is really simple, so I want to, it's so similar to how I used to run my business back home. So here's what I walk you guys through this. And we'll wrap this up and get Sherry's info. So you guys can get a copy of this thing, you definitely get it. But I used to carry a yellow pad in my back pocket. It's how I got started. At four o'clock in the morning in the nightclubs during bottle service, I'd be getting everyone's drunk email addresses and phone numbers. And when conversations for me to get them to start talking about a house was always asking them what they do first, and they always have to ask you what you do next. And it always opened up the conversation for real estate. So like if I knew that 10 to 15% of the market moves every every night, or every night, every year and every night when I go out. I know that I'm just looking for 10 to 15 people to talk to I don't know yet. What I ended up doing was building an email list and a direct mail lists, just friends and family some conversations with real estate or not. But I would always add them to my direct mail list, which meant they got my next touch each and every month. I always add them to my email list, which meant they got my next touch and I wasn't ever talking about real estate. I was just building an audience and it still worked. I was I was I was wishing people happy St. Patty's Day in town where the bar specials were. I was wishing people happy Valentine's Day. My direct mail pieces were just like toilet humor. Fun facts have nothing to do with real estate. But what I realized is that if you have brand associated on communication, whether it's a shirt, you're wearing a hat, you're wearing the sign and Sherry's video right here behind her I know she has Sheri Johnson coaching, she's not doing that on accident. She's doing that on purpose, because you might not be listening to the audio of this. You might be watching the video and um, she's branding, branding, branding, but that consistent communication, because you're right 80% of those people that you have conversations with, end up hiring the first person they meet with when they're seriously ready. So just because you have that one conversation up front, like it's your job to continuously follow up and you don't always have to follow up in a way that involves them, like hogtied them and sending them into a house and getting them pre approved. Like you could just be in relationship with people but it starts by consistent communication to the same audience over time, not only build your brand, but get those people that you're talking to once to actually come back. Well put Jerry, I love it. Why don't you go ahead and give them your website again, so they can know we'll get this all wrapped up?

Absolutely. So you can find us at Sherry Johnson calm and that is Sh e r i Johnson. No t so Sherry Johnson sh t ri If you're listening to this, and in there is a on demand webinar on the go mind pipeline that you can download in a minute and just put in fillable form it'll email the the download of this very strategy as a web. It's on our it's on demand, an on demand webinar. The other thing you can do is send an email to you rock at Sherry and ask for the goldmine pipeline and mentioned this podcast if you want or just say I want a copy of the Gulf, my pipeline, we'll send it out to you right away. And we have you know, my podcast is you Rock cherry Johnson, are you rock to share Johnson podcast, which is really fun. You can listen to our exclusive interview with Mike because it was fantastic and it was awesome. And yeah, that's how you can find us love to love to share anything with any of you whether you want coaching or you just want some really good free content, I have a tendency to give out a lot of just helpful staff to help you and if you do want coaching, we're happy to help any of you. You could also see all of the coaching programs on my website.

Love it. Thank you Sherry class, give her a call. Look her up guys and thank you guys for listening another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. I appreciate you guys each and every month. Why don't you guys go ahead and follow us on social if you'd like to contact us seeing subscribe to the show, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, subscribe to that channel. And you know if you need more real estate marketing help, we'll script that and distribute all your video content for you without making you look like a total loser on camera will make you look really really really cool. And I think you're gonna be happy with the results. So why don't you give us a shot? Visit us at real estate marketing real estate marketing We appreciate you guys listen another episode. See you next week. Thank you for watching another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. If you need help with video or finding out what your brand is, visit our website at WWW dot real estate marketing We make branding and video content creation simple and do everything for you. So if you have any additional questions, visit the site, download the training, and then schedule a time to speak with a dude and get you rolling in your local marketplace. Thanks for watching another episode of the podcast. We'll see you next time.

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