Interview With Larry D'attilio - Author Of Photobook 'the Soul Of Vietnam'

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I was so lucky to know Mr. Lawrence D'attilio, a photographer - American expat in Hanoi. Receiving an invitation by Vietnamese artists for a project, he came to Vietnam and felt in love with the country. Since then he spent every 3 to 6 months to live in Vietnam. He had spent 10 years on discovering Vietnam and learning it. On November 20th 2016 he launched his book named 'The Soul of Vietnam' by The Gioi Publisher. The books contains 150 photographs about Vietnam from North to South, showing beautiful nature of Vietnam and people's daily lives.
Mr. D'attilio said the American are very interested in Vietnam at the moment and he strongly believes the book will be sold very well in the U.S..
He said Vietnamese people should know their country's beauty lies not only in tourist attractions but in their daily lives, in the nature surround them. After 10 years watching how Vietnam has been growing he expects Vietnam will play an influential role in the future of the world.

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