Islamic Perspective on Donation with the Muslim Life Planning Network

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The Gifted Life Podcast
Show Notes: Join us for an educational and engaging conversation about the Islamic perspective on organ, tissue and eye donation. We are joined by Karim Ali and Samuel Shareef, members of the Muslim Life Planning Network, which is an organization created to assist in educating American Muslims on donation and other end of life issues. Imam Johari Malik explains Islamic teaching and laws, including what a Fiqh Forum is, and how this religious ruling clarified the Muslim stance on donation. We also speak to Collin Ross, the Vice President of Global Development at Eversight, who is partnering with Muslim Life Planning Network to build trusting relationships with the Muslim community through learning. Samuel Shareef’s shares his daughter Danielle “Dani” Shareef’s story, who is our donor hero in this episode, and Sara gives us tips to help fight caregiver burnout.

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