Guest show: Spooky-J (Nihiloxica, Spooky Shit, Hot in da Club)

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Spooky-J is one-sixth of the mesmerisingly excellent Nihiloxica, whose first LP is coming out in June on Crammed Discs. He is also one-third of the extraordinary fast beats label Spooky Shit and the unrelenting synth dualling trio Hot in da Club.

For this special additional show to keep you occupied in these crazy times, he's pulled together some outstanding sounds, ranging from raiding French cassette labels, to Italian library music and Greek synthpop, not forgetting to put in some unreleased Spooky-J sounds.

Enjoy this, it's special.


Reino do Sol (◉ GIRA DE ORAÑIA ◉) - gritos & gongs

Fernando Falcão - Amanhecer Tabajara (À Alceu Valença)

Roberto Musci - Water Music

Marcello Giombini - Bali (Indonesia)

для - TWO

Lena Platonos - A Physical Exercise Unresolved

Drinks - Real Outside

The Sound of Taiwan's Tribesmen - 泰耶魯山歌

Compro Oro - Greeting From the Colony

Atom TM - Mambo Brillante

Knowsum - Playing God

Lakutis - Death Shark

Andrea Benini - Syncussion

Culture Clash - Never Take A Wrong Turn When You'

Not In Da Club w/ Elvin Brandhi - Unreleased Jam 1

Spooky-J & Po - Fujifiji (Unreleased)

Spooky-J - Work it like its 2011 again (Harmonawanabemix)

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