The Gate Chronicles | S1E34 | Idle Threats

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After fourteen hours, the initiation is over and the new seekers are inducted into the guild. Among these hopeful few are what remains of the Foreigners with Allan and Kelsey currently missing. The journey to find answers grows closer, but with the strain of their current ventures will the party continue their current trajectory?

Steady yourselves for The Gate Chronicles S1E34.


The Gate Chronicles (aka TGC) is an actual play RPG run in the Pathfinder RPG system. It is the second series running concurrently with Sword Art Online: AOD.

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BattleBards- Andrii Vakhnenko (Grasslands - Field in Day), Olivier Giradot (Walking on dirt, walking on wood), Plate Mail Games (Adventurers Guild), Stuart Duffield (Caverns of the Ancients)


Eric Matayas (Mister Sneaky Pants)



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License: Premium License

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