Create a Supervillain, with Liz Pichon

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Liz Pichon - creator of the wildly popular Tom Gates series - puts down her pens for long enough to chat with Helen about her latest book, Shoe Wars... and just how much fun it is to write a real villain! A resources pack, including teaching notes, planning sheets, working wall elements and more is available to support this episode at This episode is divided into three sections, which can be listened to in one go, as a sequence spread over several days, or in isolation. If you only have time to listen to one, we recommend section 2, which includes Liz reading an extract from Shoe Wars. Section 1 starts at 00:00 Section 2 starts at 10:04 Section 3 starts at 21:52 Join the Plazoom community by signing up to our newsletter for free resources and special offers at!

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