S04 : Ep. 8 : Design & Constructing with BIM Integration with Nathan Love

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) – the way we design and construct is not what it used to be! BIM’s integration into the design and construction industry globally has revolutionised the way we build our cities. Today’s episode features one of the leading BIM experts - Nathan Love (Construction BIM Coordinator for Queens Wharf, Multiplex). Nathan, coming from his extensive experience with BIM and structural engineering, sheds light on to BIM knowledge by detailing responses to: What is BIM? What’s involved with it? What did the design and construction industry look like 20-30 years ago and in comparison, to now? How has data changed the way we work and integration of technologies such as VR/AR, AI? How is BIM utilised? What are the different career paths & employment opportunities possible with the use of BIM? As well as what are the key skills & attributes required for BIM. Nathan then concludes with some valuable advice for students as well as professionals interested in working with BIM. Tune into the 12th dimension episode!

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