How to Never Sell on Price Again

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You might think your customer only wants the lowest price—but that isn’t the case for independent insurance agencies. Selling on price kills profits and brings bad customers. But when today’s customer hears about saving money on insurance all day long, how do you avoid selling on price?

On this episode we have one of the nation’s top pricing experts, Reed Holden, Founder and Coach at Holden Advisors and author of Pricing with Confidence: Ten Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table. With articles published by Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Business Strategy, and many more, Reed delivers clear answers to the common pricing problems facing today’s independent insurance agents.

On today’s episode, Reed and podcast host Michael discuss:

  • What to do about the hidden profit killer in your existing book of business
  • The simple but powerful formula to overcome the price issue
  • How your team should respond when someone calls for a quote

If you want maximum growth in 2021, make this episode a priority this week.

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