Supreme Court Updates, Officer Bribes, and the Word "So" with Mackenzie Smith

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Mackenzie Smith is back on Comedian of Law! She updates us on her run for public office as district judge. Joel tests her judicial skills on some new wacky cases such as the murder of an iguana!? Joel and Mackenzie also debrief recent Supreme Court cases. They discuss the weighty implications of the word "so," police officers taking bribes, and whether students can be disciplined for their speech and social media usage outside of school.

In this episode, Joel and Mackenzie review the following Supreme Court cases:

- Van Buren v. United States, discussing the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act and officer bribes

- Denver Bible Church v. Polis, discussing church Covid policy and what cases should go before the Supreme Court

- Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L, discussing the First Amendment based on a teen cheerleader's Snapchat language that led to her being cut from her team

- Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, discussing religious rights, discrimination, and foster care

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