Tomino’s Hell - Cursed Japanese Poem

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WARNING: We allegedly truthfully read a real Japanese cursed poem during todays episode.

The paranormal comedy podcast where we probe sweet little Tomino as they allegedly truthfully journey in to hell. But why? Or is this all some kind of twisted metaphor? Before that, Kev gives Granville the choice that Kev, never, had, because yes indeed folks, it is Moonwalkers birthday 2022. Will Moonwalker decide to be brave and read the Japanese curse out aloud, or will Moonwalker choose to take a shot instead? Is there even a choice at all? In this episode we cover what Mr Moonwalker would choose to say to the world of the living, if he were in the world of the deceased. We then move on to discover what would happen once this old Japanese cursed poem, originally written down on paper, was translated and released on to the internet. This one does leave us with some questions. For example, who even was Tomino? How severe is the curse? Does Kev want Moonwalker dead? All that and more on this week’s file.

For those interested, Granville’s rules for this episode were as follows:

  • If G didn’t read the curse when given the choice, G had to do a shot
  • If G was overconfident and did read the curse, G had to do shots for being overconfident (the choice segments would become shot segments) and the first shot was Tequila. After the tequila (if G was overconfident), G had to do 2 shots at every segment
  • Either way, G was doing shots but his destiny was in his own hands

That may be confusing so to summarise, G had to do a shot for being cautious or two shots for being too brave.

David Bowles 2014 rendering of Tomino’s Hell as mentioned:



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Music created via Garageband. Additional music via: - thank you most kindly good people. As we begun the probe, there was an introductory snippet of ‘Inside the Castle Walls’ from Super Mario 64, composed by Koji Kondo. We love to throw in old, classic video game references and themes and this tune just felt right as we started our story. Maybe it’s the association between Japan and Nintendo, who knows?

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