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In this teaser of Two Zero Q – 20 Questions With Interesting People, Andreena Leeanne reads her poem, "Same Difference" from her book of poetry, 'Charred' & discusses her rationale for writing and reciting the poem to the intended audiences.

Andreena is an out and proud Black working-class Lesbian Inspirational Speaker & Poet.

She writes and performs poetry to come to terms with and speak out about her personal experiences with homelessness, mental health, childhood sexual abuse & the many other challenges she has faced in her life. By speaking her truth, she hopes to inspire and empower others.

In January 2015 Andreena founded Poetry LGBT Open Mic Night. Poetry LGBT is a warm and welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community to come together to share their experiences & creativity through poetry and spoken word.

Andreena recently started Adult Survivors Open Mic for survivors of abuse to share their story through poetry.

Andreena delivers writing workshops online and in person, and has performed her poetry at various community-led events, Labour Party events and for Local Authorities such as London Borough Hackney during LGBT History Month, the Greater London Authority and at International Women’s Day events; and has had her work published in the anthology Sista! (Team Angelica, 2018). Her debut poetry collection CHARRED has also been published by Team Angelica October 2020.

In 2018 She was one of Stonewall’s Black History Month role models. In 2020 she has been shortlisted for a Positive LGBT Role Model National Diversity Award.

Charred is available to purchase on Amazon and Etsy.

A signed copy can be purchased on Etsy

A unsigned copy can be purchased on Amazon

Instagram: @Survivor.Andreena.Leeanne

Shortlisted for a National Diversity Award for Positive LGBT Role Model 2020

(Ceremony takes place in Liverpool in April 2021)

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