Color My Life Happy

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Color My Life Happy is your go-to podcast to uplift your spirits and find your happy space within, during times of adversity. You will learn how to do that with all of my episodes on a variety of topics, from health to money to relationships to running your own successful business and more. As a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach and Motivational Speaker, I am passionate about teaching you how to leverage that power within you to pivot any negative situation into a positive one by learning how to change your thoughts and feelings to ones that are aligned with manifesting what you truly desire to have. Do I believe that anything is possible when you learn how to embrace the right mindset around it? You bet ya! Think of me as your Personal Trainer for the Mind, who will keep the motivation light and fun, while getting your mind in tip-top shape to create whatever you desire to achieve in your life! And again, whatever adversity you are experiencing right now, I am here to tell you that you can THRIVE through it! You can and YOU WILL! To connect with me online, visit and start your journey to coloring your own life happy by letting me know what adversity is stopping you from living the most joyous life you possible can while you are on this planet! It is my intention that just by listening to my Color My Life Happy podcast, you will be setting that energy in motion to pivot your situation to the positive, THRIVE through any adversity you are currently facing and experience more joy than you ever imagined was possible! You've got this!! You can also follow me on Facebook at

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