Stay Connected to Your Person (And Yourself) After Loss with Author Rebecca Soffer (Co-Founder, Modern Loss)

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Today we sit down with Rebecca Soffer, cofounder of Modern Loss. Modern Loss is a global movement offering creative, meaningful, and practical content and community addressing the long arc of grief. @modernloss

**This is our season finale - yay! Dying of Laughter will return in August.**

Her brand new book, THE MODERN LOSS HANDBOOK: An Interactive Guide to Moving Through Grief and Building Your Resilience, is now avaialble for purchase wherever books are sold! This handbook is for anyonewho has lost their “person” or wants to give something meaningful and effective to someone who has.

Dying of Laughter x Modern Loss are doing a give-away and thus giving away a few copies for FREE to DOL listeners. Peep the ep to find out how to win/receive!

Rebecca is an internationally recognized speaker on loss and resilience. She writes regularly across media, including theNew York Times, Glamour, NBC, and CNN. Rebecca is a Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism alumna and a Peabody Award–winning former producer forThe Colbert Report. Rebecca and her husband and sons split their time between New YorkCity and The Berkshires.

Listen to Rebecca's first interview on Dying of Laughter here.


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