Episode 5: Redlord

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Rory and Jake from Redlord stop by to talk about their New EP, what's coming up, how Redlord came to be, musical inspirations, and all sorts of tomfoolery.

There is plenty of music talk in this episode, music lovers.

Song in the Intro is called Immolate and is off of their Debut EP. The EP is out now and available to stream on Spotify, Youtube and for purchase their Bandcamp and Itunes. Click on their Linktree, below to check out their socials, buy merch and listen to their music.


Redlord is a Metal Band from Detroit, MI

Music mixed and mastered: Tim Trevino of Fractured Audio Michigan

Redlord is:

Vocals: Josh White

Drums: Jake O'Shaughnessy

Bass: Rory Frank

Guitar: Tom Brigham

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