Episode 298 – Madeline Hammer, Executive Director, Strategic Alliances – RE/MAX LLC

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Episode 298:



Episode Summary: Meet our guest in this episode, Madeline Hammer, the Executive Director of Strategic Alliances at RE/MAX LLC, currently based in Denver, Colorado. In this episode, I sit with Madeline, who grew up in Rockford, Illinois, with a background in sales, and she shares her journey and current role in Real Estate. Top Takeaways: "It's no longer the summer move; it's really people move when they have an opportunity to get the house that they really want." - [Madeline Hammer] "Come up with something that is authentically your own and make that part of your marketing." - [Madeline Hammer] Episode Highlights: [00:20] Intro [01:02] Meet today's guest, Madeline Hammer. [06:09] What field were you initially interested in? [14:26] Can you describe your current role? [21:19] Are there certain verticals that are important right now? [23:03] What do you see coming up in the next five years? [23:56] Madeline's advice to new agents [25:47] How to contact Madeline [26:09] Outro Episode Notes: Denver is a unique 4 season city with a lot of sunshine in Colorado which was quite different from Churchill grove, Rockford, Illinois, where Madeline grew up, with more snow throughout the year. Madeline's journey before Real Estate highlights how she went to college hoping to go into Journalism or writing but later considered Public Relations while thinking more in business. However, after college, she realized there weren't many jobs for Public Relations and got her first job in sales, selling group health insurance to businesses. After spending some time in sales, she moved into strategic partnerships. She was a part of the Trulia-Zillow partnership. Madeline's role involves looking at technology partners and other vendors serving the real estate industry to bring in new services and meet with the vendors. They look for vendors who can benefit both the US and Canada, the stability and backing of the company, and the main problem that is being solved by these new products or services. There are three prominent places where vendors can market to the membership at Re/Max:
  1. The direct pushed outreach through email or phone call.
  2. The marketplace, where members can come to look at products.
  3. The education channels at Re/Max University, with a modern platform that allows brokers to post and push classes to the membership.
Vendors reaching out to the membership are encouraged to have a tight message, particularly something current or educational, and a tight strategy. Two main vertical areas of importance to Madeline: The first is Marketing to the sphere. There are many opportunities agents have to market to their sphere and keep in touch because seasonality has fallen out of Real Estate, and people move when they have the chance to get the house they want. The second is identifying the broker services at RE/MAX, their reporting, and comprehensive business dashboards. Madeline expects that an ecosystem of RE/MAX products will come together to form a package of solutions to help brokers and agents build their business in the next five years. There will be continuous working together and integration to deliver these solutions. For new agents: As you build your database and contacts, choose your method and stick to it; don't change your content and outreach strategy every year. Create something authentic and make that part of your marketing. Be consistent with your brand. Secondly, video is where everything is going, so use videos for listings or presentations and not be afraid to be on camera.

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