#27: The Drama of Kylo Ren | TLJ Minutes 131-135

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"More! More! More!" Kylo yells, ordering every gun to fire on his uncle. Chaos, fashion, and Force angst ensue while Luke remains standing stronger than ever. Joining me today is Mollie Damon (Star Wars Explained, A Certain Point of View), and together, we nerd out on the music and sound of minutes 131-135 of The Last Jedi.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The silhouettes on Crait
  • Kylo Ren = the boss's jerk son
  • Our first reactions to watching The Last Jedi in theaters
  • Leia's proud smile and the editor (Bob Ducsay) who made that shot happen
  • Kylo Ren's hesitant leitmotifs
  • Poe's leadership and journey, guided by Leia and Holdo
  • Comparison of lightsaber sounds
  • Rey's various leitmotifs and what we can read in her themes (basically anything)
  • Our wishes for Finn's journey
  • Mollie's favorite musical moments in Star Wars
  • How being a Star Wars content creator affects the experience of viewing Star Wars films
  • Movie Trivia Shmoedowns

Themes Referenced (in order of appearance):

  • 103) Luke's Last Stand
  • 96) Catastrophe
  • 42. Kylo Ren 2 (Hesitant)
  • 43a. Kylo Ren 3/First Order 1 (Menacing)
  • 50. Poe
  • 48a. March of the Resistance (A Section)
  • 46. Rey 2 (Chimes)
  • 45a. Rey 1 (Theme)

Where we are in the soundtrack album: "The Spark"

Other Things:

Mollie Damon Links:

Star Wars Music Minute:


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