Episode 15: Another Round / ‘Is It Wine O’Clock?’

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In today’s episodes the guys discuss the Academy Award Winning movie “Another Round” (4:11). Ali starts out first by discussing his (tenuous) connection to star Mads Mikkelsen. He then discussed the development of the movie by director Thomas Vinterberg and the influence of his late daughter Ida on the film. They also talk about the influence of the Dogme ‘95 movement on the film and the announcement of a remake by Leonardo DeCaprio’s production company. Then Asif discusses the issue of increased alcohol use during the pandemic, particularly amongst women (24:25). After Asif calls Ali out on his “man-to mansplaining”, they talk about how joking with memes about drinking has become common. Asif then discusses whether alcohol is actually good for you, and how this needs to be balanced with the costs to society.

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