Creating Authentic Connections Through Social Media with Shana Bull

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Shana Bull is a digital storyteller, marketing educator, and writer. She is an expert in social media marketing strategy, PR, digital advertising, SEO, and more! As a freelance writer, Shana covers the topics of music, social media, marketing, wine, lifestyle, food, and drinks. In addition to her freelance work, Shana is the author of the children’s book, Randall the Blue Spider Goes Surfing, which she wrote with her son, Ryeson.

Shana recently launched a series of courses to help brands with Instagram marketing, content marketing and strategy, and goal setting. She was recognized as one of “40 under 40 professionals in the North Bay area,” by North Bay Business Journal and one of 16 innovative marketers you should know by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog.

In this episode:

When it comes to social media, there are many different approaches your business can take. However, social media is more than just posting a pretty picture; you need a strategy, a story, and a customer service mindset. So, how can you optimize digital platforms for your company? And what steps can you take to create connections with your ideal customer?

According to Shana Bull, you will attract customers by being authentic. You should not only display your company’s core values on social media, but also live out those values day-to-day. As you do so, you’ll find customers with similar values who believe in your story and your company’s purpose. Want to learn more?

Tune in to this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, where Drew Hendricks sits down with Shana Bull, digital storyteller, marketing educator, and writer. Together, they discuss the best ways to make social media work for you. Shana talks about digital storytelling and connecting with customers virtually, the biggest mistakes made on social media, and how to find the marketing approach that fits your company’s needs. Plus, Shana shares free resources to elevate your social media strategy!

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