Telling a Story Through Wine Labels with Founder and CEO of VINT, Scout Driscoll

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Scout Driscoll is the Founder and CEO of VINT Studio. VINT’s award-winning, all-women studio designs unique branding and packaging for wine brands of all sizes. Scout is also the Founder and CEO of DesignScout, VINT’s parent company. DesignScout is a branding agency with 20 years of brand building under its belt.

Scout was recently a panelist for the Beverage Tasting Institute’s International Packaging Design Awards and a judge for the 2020 and 2021 Restaurant Development + Design Magazine Awards. She has received awards from the Harper's Design Awards, Indy International Wine Competition, and the Beverage Tasting Institute International Packaging Design Competition. Scout is also a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.

In this episode:

What goes into a wine label? How can wineries tell their stories through their branding and packaging? What’s the best Zinfandel on the market? Scout Driscoll is here to answer all these questions — and more!

Scout Driscoll began her creative agency, DesignScout, 18 years ago, working with an all-women team to break the traditional branding mold. Now, she’s on a new venture as the Founder and CEO of VINT Studio, helping winemakers boost their brand stories and messages through innovative and strategic labels. She’s here to tell her story and give some wine recommendations along the way.

On this episode of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Hendricks has a conversation with the Founder and CEO of VINT Studio, Scout Driscoll, about what makes a killer wine label. They discuss why trendy designs aren’t always the easiest path, how labels convey brand messages, and tips for storytelling through wine bottles. Stay tuned!

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