The Importance of Web Development in Your Marketing Strategy with Darren Fox

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Darren Fox is the President and Founder of Idea Marketing Group, an agency specializing in web design and development. Darren is also the host of the Pitcher This! podcast, where he gets the scoop on brand marketing with beverage industry leaders. He has over 20 years of marketing experience and is a leader in many areas, including brand development, strategic planning, creative production, and web development.

Darren’s agency has been rated as a top web design agency in Chicago by Clutch and awarded Small Business of the Year by the Yorkville Chamber of Commerce. Darren is a husband, father, and outdoor enthusiast who has a passion for business and loves to explore.

In this episode...

Is your website getting your business the traffic it deserves? Are you utilizing all aspects of website engagement? If your answer is no, then this episode of Legends Behind the Craft is a must-listen!

For many business owners, website development can fall by the wayside when trying to juggle other growth and marketing strategies. According to marketing and web development expert Darren Fox, investing in your website now can save you money down the road.

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft, Drew Hendricks talks with Darren Fox, President and Founder of Idea Marketing Group, about the different ways your website can effectively market your brand. Darren shares why web development is important for your business, how to reshape your website to fit your customer’s needs, and how you can use code to increase engagement with potential clients. Plus, someone reveals an SEO trick to help improve your rankings. Stay tuned.

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